SAURON Project participated in the workshop: Novel approaches in risk and security management for critical infrastructures in Vienna

Mr. Rafael Company, R&D project manager at the Fundación Valenciaport, presented the SAURON project (Solución escalable multidimensional de respuesta para la protección de los puertos europeos) last Tuesday 19th of September in Vienna during the "Novel approaches in risk and security management for critical infrastructures" workshop, organized by the Autrian Institute of Technology (AIT).


This workshop brought together several research teams from all across Europe that currently collabotate in other european projects also related with the protection of critical infrastructures such as MITIGATE, SPARKS, or HYRIM. In addition, several members of the these projects advisory boards also attended the workshop, enriching the discussion with their opinions regarding the realism and effectiveness of the proposed solutions.


The MITIGATE project, whose main objective is the creation of a risk assesment platform for critical infrastructures, is also partnered by the Fundación Valenciaport and is in its final phase. Besides these projects, several other security aspects such as the thread management and identification, legislation, or the impact of different kinds of attacks in communication networks and infrastructures were discussed during the workshop.


SAURON Project, co-financed by the European Commision H2020 program, proposes the development of an integrated command and control system including new visualization techniques (e.g., new visualisation techniques using immersive interfaces, cyber 3D models of real and virtual reality scenarios, etc) to show physical and cyber environments. SAURON will also leverage the existing systems and control sensors already deployed in ports, integrating them and showing their state in real time (both through visuals and data) upon a physical intrusion, attack, or event (e.g., fires, explosions, etc.) or its cyber equivalents (cyberattacks), sharing and providing valuous information that will help in the process of undertaking prevention, detection, or response actions. The result is a combined operations scenario that helps the different operators to make a call when facing combined threats, helping to understand it and to tackle it. SAURON proposes two different pilots, one taking place in the Port of Valencia, focused in the container traffic scenario, and a second one in the Port of Piraeus, based on cruise safety.


With this kind of initiatives the Fundación Valenciaport confirms its interest on the topics ofphysical and cyber security aiming to maintain the Port of Valencia in the vanguard in these matters, identifying the newest available technologies and tools.

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