SAURON - ROCKSAFE Projects Joint Drone Demonstration

AIMS OF THE DEMO: - Testing of the robotic units of the ROCSAFE Project. The scenario involves a radioactive material accident in the transport. - Testing of the functionalities developed within the framework of the SAURON Project. - Combination of both projects in the execution of the test.

During this joint demonstration SAURON drone capabilities were tested in a realistic environment:

The demo timing was as follows:

(t0): Container load operation (previously recorded)

(t1): Itinerary performance

(t2): Smoke leak detection by the SAURON RAV. It is reported to the LEAs in the first roundabout

(t3): Truck detection by the port law enforcement agencies

(t4): Exit via the northern access. Simulated explosion and truck detection

(t5): The data is reported to the LEAs via the SAURON app by the port police

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